The Rendition II was built upon the design philosophy and performance of the Evolution Reference Loudspeaker, offering the same driver and crossover technologies in a smaller footprint. While people aspire to own the very best, the Evolution does not always conform to one’s living space. The Rendition was designed to deliver ultra-high resolution, accurate harmonic structure, extremely wide bandwidth and dynamic range, without special space considerations.

The Rendition utilizes the same identical tweeter that was employed in the Evolution loudspeaker. This tweeter achieves very clean response to 20kHz without any forms of "ringing" or "metallic" coloration. Double rear chambers provide for an ultra low resonant frequency and minimize compression and air noise. The massive aluminum front plate is individually machined for controlled directivity and excellent dispersion in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The high frequencies of the Rendition are smooth and naturally detailed as one would experience in live performances, allowing the listener to relax and listen "into" the music.


Type: 3-way vented design
HF Driver: 1" soft dome tweeter
Dual rear chamber pressure release
MF Driver: Two 7" Carbon-Fiber composite mid-woofers
LF Driver: Two 8" High-output specially coated subwoofers
Bandwidth: 25Hz to 20kHz (± 3dB)
Sensitivity: 88 dB (1 watt @ 1 meter)
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (3 ohms minimum)
Input Power: 100 watts minimum
Connection: 2 pairs of Heavy Duty binding posts
Finish: Exotic Rosewood (Matching pair)
Removable Grill Covers
Dimensions: 60" H x 12" W x 20 ¾" D
Weight: 200 lbs. each
(330 lbs. crated)

The Carbon-Fiber composite mid-woofers from the Evolution are used to handle the mid-frequencies. The chassis is extremely rigid and acoustically dead to prevent ringing. The diaphragm is very stiff and yet low in mass. Stiffness allows excellent piston-like performance at low frequencies. Mass is kept low not only by the material, but by taking advantage of the superior bass response to hold the cone size to 7 inches.

Two 8" high-output transducers are used to provide the low frequencies of the Rendition. Based on the 10" subwoofers used in the Evolution, the same material and design philosophies were applied during the development of these drivers. The result is exceptionally clean, fast, and effortless bass response down to 25Hz.

The music from the Rendition II loudspeaker is not only smooth, liquid, and naturally detailed but remains focused and coherent even at high sound pressure levels (a Nova hallmark). Hand-built with meticulous workmanship and crafted in the finest exotic wood finishes, the Rendition is elegant and will blend comfortably into your home.

$22,000 USD per pair

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