The Ovation is a compact, two-way monitor designed for outstanding imaging and wide dynamic range. With technologically advanced drivers, solid enclosure construction, and exquisite cabinet finish, the Ovation represents one of the best values in high-end loudspeakers today.

A hallmark of all Nova designs is harmonically rich and transparent presentation of musical information - even at high sound pressure levels. The Ovation delivers every music performance with a sense of effortless ease, conquering the dynamic restrictions so often noted in speakers of similar small size. To do this, Nova employs high performance drivers derived from those in its flagship Evolution Reference Loudspeaker. The 7" low-mid frequency driver uses a composite cone impregnated with carbon-fiber - a material selected for its low mass and high stiffness. A low distortion magnet system and an acoustically dead die-cast magnesium chassis contribute to the overall musical accuracy.

Likewise, the Ovation delivers high frequencies which are clean, natural and free from grain thanks to the wide bandwidth, long excursion soft dome tweeter. Dual acoustical chambers behind the 1 dome and a rigid machined aluminum front plate control unwanted resonance for smooth, flat frequency response.


Type: 2-way vented design
HF Driver: 1" soft dome tweeter
Dual rear chamber pressure release
LF Driver: 7" Carbon-Fiber composite woofer
Bandwidth: 45Hz to 20kHz (± 3dB)
Sensitivity: 88 dB (1 watt @ 1 meter)
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal (6 ohms minimum)
Input Power: 15 watts minimum
Connection: 5-way binding posts
Finish: Black, Natural Cherry, or Sapeli
(Finished on all 6 sides)
Dimensions: 16" H x 9 ½" W x 10 ½" D
Weight: 26 lbs. each
(57 lbs. per pair shipping)

The Ovation offers music lovers state-of-the-art performance and incredible value in a compact loudspeaker system suitable for a variety of listening rooms. Each pair is closely matched to tight tolerances, therefore assuring consistent spatial representation. Every component has also been carefully selected based on measured performance, and most importantly, on the musical qualities revealed in critical listening tests at Nova. Every pair of loudspeakers is thoroughly examined, measured and auditioned prior to shipment.

The musicality of the Ovation is matched by its superb construction and the organic beauty of its tasteful cabinet finishes. Only premium grade wood veneers and quality materials are used in producing and finishing the cabinet, with many painstaking steps performed by hand. The result is a quality of fit and finish that is at home in the most casual listening environment or the most refined living room. The Nova team takes pride in creating exceptionally musical and beautiful loudspeakers that will give years of listening pleasure.

From $2,300 USD per pair

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