Built like no other loudspeakers available today, the Evolution II represents a pinnacle in full-range reference systems. The Evolution is based on a no-holds-barred approach that features ultra-high resolution, accurate harmonic structure and extremely wide bandwidth. The result is a limited production loudspeaker that can deliver the full dynamic range of live music without compression, offering a new level of music reproduction that is truly extraordinary and breathtaking.

The proper foundation for musical realism is accurate low frequency reproduction. Two 10" high-output transducers are utilized for the lower frequency range of the Evolution. These drivers and the vented design of the enclosure are optimized to deliver powerful and effortless bass extension down to 18 Hz. Musical instruments such as the pipe organ can be reproduced with the visceral quality one associates with a live performance.

The mid-range is also a critical area of loudspeaker design since the human ear is most sensitive in this range. The Evolution's superior time and frequency domains in the mid-range are the results of two 7" Carbon-Fiber composite drivers. Carbon-Fiber is utilized because of its excellent strength to weight ratio; the resulting stiffness allows excellent piston like performance throughout its entire frequency spectrum.


Type: 3-way vented design
HF Driver: 1" soft dome tweeter
Dual rear chamber pressure release
MF Driver: Two 7" Carbon-Fiber composite mid-woofers
LF Driver: Two 10" High-output specially coated subwoofers
Bandwidth: 18Hz to 20kHz (± 3dB)
Sensitivity: 88 dB (1 watt @ 1 meter)
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (3 ohms minimum)
Input Power: 100 watts minimum
Connection: 2 pairs of Heavy Duty binding posts
Finish: Exotic Rosewood (Matching pair)
Removable Grill Covers
Dimensions: 72" H x 16" W x 35" D
Weight (system): Approx. 1200 lbs (system)
1550 lbs. crated

High frequencies are handled by a one-inch soft dome tweeter utilizing a massive front plate and magnet design. This driverís remarkable low resonance frequency and wide bandwidth results in a smooth and open detailed sound free from any kind of grainy coloration. String instruments are beautifully reproduced without stridency, harshness, or ringing.

The multi-element crossover network is mounted in an isolated chamber inside each loudspeaker enclosure to reduce unwanted mechanical vibrations and resonance. To further ensure sonic purity, the high and low frequency crossover circuits receive their own dedicated modules. Only the finest components such as polypropylene capacitors and custom wound air core inductors are used to assure proper time and phase response.

For music lovers, the Evolution II Reference Loudspeaker offers a new dimension of performance, bringing out the warmth, vibrancy, and transparency of the music. The process of creating a loudspeaker that is both accurate and musical is a challenging one; the synthesis of science and art. Nova loudspeakers represent the integration of extraordinary components, superb engineering, and craftsmanship. Each Nova product illustrates the evolution of the loudspeaker art in materials, technology, philosophy, and beauty. One must audition this incredible product to fully appreciate its ability to enhance the enjoyment of music.

$39,000 USD per pair

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