Like its larger sibling, the Applause, the Bravo uses technology found in Nova's impressive Evolution Reference Loudspeaker System to deliver similarly engaging performance in a loudspeaker that is easy-to-place, blends comfortably into the home, and is more accessibly priced.

This design represents a superbly executed technological triumph. Here is music - warm, powerful, and breathtakingly alive, with the in-depth imaging, tremendous dynamic range, and accurate harmonic structure of live music - precise in detail and revealing of all the insight and emotion of the artist. Few loudspeakers allow music lovers to experience as much connection with the original performance as the revolutionary (and Evolution-ary) Nova Bravo.

The Bravo is a compact two-way design that provides a logical alternative to bookshelf or mini-monitor systems. With a similar footprint and cost, the floorstanding Bravo offers improved bass response and enhanced dynamic range.

The Bravo uses a carbon-fiber filled composite bass-midrange driver derived from those in the Evolution, for a diaphragm that is very stiff, yet low in mass. This assures fast dynamic tracking of even the most demanding musical waveforms. The cone resides in a low-loss linear natural rubber surround and a long throw suspension. The cast magnesium chassis is extremely rigid and acoustically dead. This driver and the vented design of the enclosure deliver bass reproduction in a natural unconstricted way, without the "booming" characteristic of many loudspeaker designs.


Type: 2-way vented design
HF Driver: 1" soft dome tweeter
Dual rear chamber pressure release
LF Driver: 7" Carbon-Fiber composite woofer
Bandwidth: 33Hz to 20kHz (± 3dB)
Sensitivity: 87 dB (1 watt @ 1 meter)
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal (6 ohms minimum)
Input Power: 30 watts minimum
Connection: Two pairs of 5-way binding posts
Finish: Black, Light Oak,
Natural Cherry, or Sapeli
(Finished on front, back, top & sides)
Dimensions: 42 1/4" H x 9 1/2" W x 9 3/4" D
Weight: 58 lbs. each
(68 lbs. shipping)

The high frequencies are extremely detailed, smooth, and free from grain due to the advanced wide bandwidth, long excursion soft dome tweeter taken from the Evolution. The massive aluminum front plate is individually machined for controlled directivity and excellent dispersion in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Each unit is hand assembled and individually tested to assure performance, consistency, and longevity.

Nova enclosures are built to be high in mass and very rigid, employing thick wood panels and stout internal bracing. All cabinets use real wood veneer, finished to a high standard. The result is equally at home in any decor.

Every component has been carefully selected based on its measured performance, and most importantly, on the musical qualities revealed in critical listening tests at Nova. This results in extremely close pair matching, which in turn assures consistent spatial representation. Many operations are performed by hand, with each finished loudspeaker measured and auditioned prior to shipment. The Nova team takes pride in creating exceptionally musical and beautiful loudspeakers that will give years of listening pleasure.

From $3,600 USD per pair

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