Evolution II

The Evolution II Reference Loudspeaker represents a pinnacle in full-range reference systems. It is based on a no-holds-barred approach that emphasizes ultra-high resolution, accurate harmonic structure and extremely wide bandwidth. It delivers the entire dynamic range of live music without compression, offering a new level of music reproduction that is truly extraordinary and breathtaking. The Evolution offers a new dimension of performance -- bringing out the warmth, vibrancy, and transparency of the music.

Applause S

Based on the success of the Applause, the Applause "S" is our creation for the professional audio market. Designed as a high-resolution reference tool for the recording industry, the "S" incorporates the positive attributes of the Applause in a more compact form-factor. A special feature of the "S" model is a massive baffle milled from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum, greatly reducing unwanted enclosure resonance. It is suitable for both stereo and multi-channel recording and home theater applications.


The Bravo shares its transparent midrange and sparkling yet smooth highs with the Applause. It combines them with impressive bass performance in a more compact package. The smaller footprint and price of the Bravo also make it a logical step up from stand-mounted bookshelf designs.

Rendition II

The Rendition II was built upon the design philosophy and performance of the Evolution Reference Loudspeaker, offering the same driver and crossover technologies in a smaller footprint. While people aspire to own the very best, the Evolution does not always conform to one’s living space. The Rendition was designed to deliver ultra-high resolution, accurate harmonic structure, extremely wide bandwidth and dynamic range, without special space considerations.


Using technology from the Evolution, the Applause delivers similarly engaging performance in a loudspeaker that is easy-to-place, blends comfortably into the home, and is more accessibly priced. It is a two-way design with exceptional bass performance, a clear refined midrange and smooth crystalline highs. Its MTM Array configuration yields impressive imaging and depth.


The Ovation is a compact, two-way monitor designed for outstanding imaging and wide dynamic range. With technologically advanced drivers, solid enclosure construction, and exquisite cabinet finish, the Ovation represents one of the best values in high-end loudspeakers today. Like all Nova products, this world class loudspeaker is designed and built in the USA.