1999 International CES

Nova attended the 1999 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada and proudly demonstrated the Applause loudspeaker system connected to an entire suite of conrad-johnson tube electronics. The system was built around the incredible Premier 16LS pre-amplifier. Power was from a pair of Premier Twelve 140-watt power amplifiers with a DV-2b CD-player providing the signal. Using the same driver and crossover technologies found in the Evolution and Rendition, the Applause delivered incredible performance from a more compact loudspeaker. This system elicited many comments about the "natural" and "life-like" qualities of the sound.

Cardas Neutral Reference cabling was used throughout the system. Power line conditioners were Clean Lines Reference Series from Vans Evers and acoustical treatments were from Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC). The 1999 CES was a highly successful show for Nova and garnered accolades from several industry publications.

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