Nova attended the 1998 Winter Consumer Electronics Show (WCES) in Las Vegas, Nevada and proudly displayed two state-of-the-art systems. The Rendition loudspeakers were back again this year due to popular demand and were powered by an entire suite of Krell electronics. These included the incredible FPB-600 600-watt power amplifier, the KRC-3 remote pre-amplifier and the KAV-300CD digital playback system. The room was often packed with visitors, especially when National Sales Manager Jack Rubinson was demonstrating a wide variety of music from his private collection. The recordings playing through this system were transparent, focused, and extremely effortless.

In another demonstration room, Nova displayed an all-tube system with a pair of Ovation loudspeakers. Electronics included a pair of conrad-johnson Premier Twelve 140-watt power amplifiers, a Premier Fourteen pre-amplifier, and a DR1/DA2 B transport/DAC combo. This system produced some of the best sound anyone had heard at the show with a midrange that people would "die-for".

Cabling for both systems were top-of-the-line Cardas Golden Cross. Power line conditioners were Clean Lines Reference Series from Vans Evers and acoustical treatments were from Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC). The 1998 WCES was extremely successful for Nova and several industry publications listed us among their "Best of Show" honorees.

"I was impressed by the speakers' soundstaging, focus and midrange clarity."
Myles B. Astor, Ultimate Audio, Vol. 2 No.1

"I would rate the sound in the Nova USA room as best among equals."
Marc Mickelson, SoundStage!, CES 98