Winter Consumer Electronics Shows represents one of the major event in the electronic industry around the world. Each year close to a hundred thousand people attend this exciting event at Las Vegas, Nevada. During the 1996 WCES, Nova introduced their flagship loudspeaker system, the Evolution.
The show was held at the Sahara Hotel for the High-End Specialty Audio. Like many show exhibitors, Nova spent many hours of preparation work setting up and fine tuning the sound of their system. One of the most challenging problems for all exhibitors was the acoustic of the rooms at Sahara. This hotel has become very familiar with many show exhibitors including Nova. It is not the optimal environment to display and demonstrate high-end audio gears because of the poor structure of the buildings. Therefore, exhibitors are looking forward to having the show at the Alexis Park Hotel starting next year.
The Evolution was one of the largest and heaviest loudspeakers at the show. Setting up these loudspeakers was not exactly easy due to its tremendous weight and bulk. The system weighs almost 1300 lb! Electronics used during the show included a Krell KSA-200S 200 watts per channel amplifier feeding from the all-in-one Krell KPS-20il Pre-amp/CD Player. All cables were Straight Wire Virtuoso Reference series, running in Bi-Wire configuration for the loudspeakers and XLR mode for the pre-amp/CD to the amplifier. Room acoustic treatment was ASC Tube Traps.

The sound of this reference system was extremely natural and open. Many show visitors were impressed by the soundstage and imaging of these loudspeakers, “they image like small monitors...” was the usual comment heard. Show visitors were also pounded by the dynamic and effortless sound produced by these magnificent loudspeakers.

The 1996 WCES was very successful for Nova and some very honorable comments and remarks were made from the Press. During this year, Nova will introduce several other loudspeaker models that carry the same technology used in the flagship Evolution loudspeaker. Stay tuned to find out more about these technologically advanced loudspeaker systems.