2002 International CES

Several new products from Nova and Threshold made their public debut during the 2002 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES). On display were Nova's new Applause XP Concept Loudspeaker, the Threshold STASIS 7.0 Stereo Power Amplifier and the STASIS-R 5.0 Stereo Control Preamplifier. The system also featured Wadia's top-of-the-line 270 CD Transport & 27ix Decoding Computer.

Recordings used during the show demonstration included an upcoming album by Nate Barrett, on Lyric Street Records. Recorded and mixed by well-known engineer/producer Chuck Ainlay, this album was engineered at Back Stage Studio using the Nova Applause S Active Monitors. Back Stage Studio, a division of Sound Stage Studio, is renowned as one of the premiere recording facilities worldwide. CES visitors were able to experience the full potential of this unreleased recording as it was engineered--using Nova monitors and Threshold amplification.

The Nova Applause XP Loudspeaker is based upon the proven technology of the popular Applause S Active Studio Monitor. A feature of this design is its massive baffle, milled from a solid billet of aluminum alloy. It combines the accuracy and musicality of the "S" model with the full-range performance of a floor-standing loudspeaker.

The Threshold STASIS 7.0 Stereo Power Amplifier is the result of nearly three decades of technological development. This high-current and high-bias design provides 100 watt output per channel, easily driving low-impedance reactive loads. It represents a combination of Threshold’s patented STASIS topology with 21st-Century engineering and design.

The Threshold STASIS-R 5.0 Stereo Control Preamplifier is Threshold’s newest addition. This remote-controlled preamplifier employs the latest circuit topology from the Threshold Design Team. Unveiled at 2002 CES for the first time anywhere, the STASIS-R 5.0 raises the performance bar for Threshold preamplifier designs.

The 2002 International CES was a highly successful event for Nova and Threshold. The exhibit received top honors from the industry press, including the "Standout" Room Award from SoundStage! and recognition from Stereophile Magazine.

Nova & Threshold's "Standout" Room Award from SoundStage!

Stereophile Magazine Show Coverage on Nova & Threshold

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Equipment List:
Nova Applause XP Concept Loudspeakers
Threshold STASIS 7.0 Stereo Amplifier
Threshold STASIS-R 5.0 Stereo Control Preamplifier
Wadia 270 CD Transport
Wadia 27ix Decoding Computer
SineLock Line Filter
Cardas Neutral Reference Cables

Recordings courtesy of Nate Barrett, Chuck Ainlay, & Lyric Street Records.
Wadia equipment provided by Audio Video Research, Inc.
Line conditioning provided by SineLock.
Cabling provided by Cardas Audio, Ltd.