2001 International CES

During the 2001 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Nova and Threshold jointly introduced the new Applause S active loudspeaker ($15,000 USD/pair). Once again, studio equipment directly from Georgetown Masters in Nashville, Tennessee was used during the show presentations.

Recordings included high-resolution material from Mark Knopfler's latest Multi-Platinum album, Sailing To Philadelphia, on Warner Brothers Records. Visitors were able to hear the full 24-bit potential of this recording directly from the "working master." This afforded a rare chance to experience the recording as it was mastered--using the original studio gear, including Nova monitors.

Mixed by well-known engineer/producer Chuck Ainlay and mastered by legendary engineer Denny Purcell, Sailing To Philadelphia represents the latest from the internationally acclaimed founder of Dire Straits. With numerous Multi-Platinum & Gold albums to his credit, Knopfler's new solo work includes duets with fellow legends James Taylor and Van Morrison.

Shown in concept form at the 2000 International CES, the Applause S is derived from the popular Applause model. Designed as a high-resolution reference tool for the recording industry, the "S" incorporates the positive attributes of the Applause in a more compact form-factor. A special feature of the "S" model is a massive baffle milled from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum, greatly reducing unwanted enclosure resonance.

Another unique feature of the Applause S is its high-current 300 Watt power amplifier. Each built-in monaural amplifier contains a massive torodial power transformer and over 90,000 uF of filter capacitance, providing performance superior even to many stand-alone designs.

This custom amplifier is designed and manufactured by Threshold exclusively for the Applause S. Threshold is a name that stands for excellence in amplifier design. It has a legendary history of innovation, patented circuit topologies and exemplary performance--in the laboratory and in the real world.

The Applause S is the end result of a determined effort by Nova and Threshold to design and manufacture nothing less than the very best of its kind. It is truly a revolutionary product that must be experienced to be appreciated.

The 2001 International CES represented a milestone for Nova and Threshold. Watch for other unique products such as the Applause S to be released in the near future.

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Equipment List:
Nova Applause S Active Studio Monitors
Threshold "Custom" Studio Pre-Amplifier
Genex Research GX-8000 Multitrack Recorder
Pacific Microsonics HDCD Encoder/Decoder
Metronome Technologie T20 Digital Transport
Metronome Technologie C20 24/96 Digital Processor
SineLock Line Filter
Cardas Neutral Reference Cables

Recordings courtesy of Mark Knopfler, Chuck Ainlay, & Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Van Morrison appears courtesy of Exile Productions Ltd.
James Taylor appears courtesy of Columbia Records.
Mastering equipment provided by Denny Purcell & Georgetown Masters, Inc.
Metronome Technologie equipment provided by Fanfare International.
Line conditioning provided by SineLock.
Cabling provided by Cardas Audio, Ltd.