2000 International CES

During the 2000 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nova proudly announced the Applause S - our latest creation for the professional audio market. Building upon the success of the Applause, the "S" is a "concept model" designed exclusively for the recording industry, incorporating the positive attributes of the Applause in a more compact form-factor. A unique feature of the S model is a massive baffle milled from a solid billet of aluminum alloy, greatly reducing unwanted enclosure resonances.

Studio equipment directly from Georgetown Masters in Nashville, Tennessee was used for the show presentation. The "front-end" consisted of the Genex GX-8000 (24-bit/96kHz) magneto-optical recorder and a Pacific Microsonics HDCD AD/DA converter. Amplification and CD playback was provided by conrad-johnson, cables by Cardas and power conditioning by VansEvers. This afforded a rare opportunity for show visitors to experience recordings as they were originally mastered by legendary engineer Denny Purcell. With over 400 gold and platinum records to his credit, he is the engineer of choice for artists such as Garth Brooks, Neil Young, Dire Straits, Dixie Chicks, plus many others. A few lucky show visitors were also able to meet and chat with Denny Purcell during the show.

Source material for Nova's show presentation included unreleased / alternate tracks from internationally acclaimed artists. Direct comparisons were made between the 24-bit working master and the 16-bit release of Jimmy Buffett's Beach House on the Moon. Each recording was reproduced with unparalleled resolution and dynamics. The room was often packed with visitors, especially during each scheduled presentation when an unreleased track, "Let's See You" by Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame) was played.

The 2000 International CES was a highly successful show for Nova and the exhibit received top honors from the industry press. In addition, due to the overwhelming feedback from show visitors, Nova plans to produce the Applause S for both the professional as well as the consumer market.

Nova's "Standout" Room Award from SoundStage!

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Equipment List:
Genex Research GX-8000 Multitrack Recorder
Pacific Microsonics HDCD Encoder/Decoder
conrad-johnson Premier Twelve 140-watt Monoblocks
conrad-johnson ART Preamplifier
conrad-johnson DV-2b CD Player
Cardas Neutral Reference Cables
VansEvers Reference Series Line Conditioners

Recordings courtesy of Mark Knopfler, Mercury Ltd. (London) and Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville Records.