Hi-Fi 99

Nova demonstrated the incredible Applause loudspeakers at the 1999 Stereophile Hi-Fi Show (Hi-Fi 99). The site was the historic Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago. The Applause, featuring a space-saving footprint, were back again due to popular demand from the CES 99. This state-of-the-art system was powered by the latest conrad-johnson electronics. The c-j centerpiece was the new 240-watt per channel MF-2500 solid-state amplifier. Using a DV-2b tube CD player and the highly acclaimed Premier 16LS (ART jr.) pre-amplifier, the sound quality from this superb system was truly extraordinary. Cabling from Cardas featured the Neutral Reference speaker cables and the new Golden Reference interconnects.

Attendees were very impressed by the powerful yet liquid sound from the demonstration. Imaging was razor sharp with layers and layers of inner detail. The display was "Standing Room Only" for most of the exhibition with many attendees returning to the room throughout the show. After counting the attendee ballots, Stereophile listed Nova among the "Best Sound at Hi-Fi 99" winners. In summary, Hi-Fi 99 represented a very successful showing for Nova and much "applause" was received during the show.

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