Hi-Fi 98

Nova attended the 1998 Stereophile Hi-Fi Show (Hi-Fi 98) in Los Angeles, California and demonstrated the Rendition loudspeakers with a state-of-the-art all-tube system from conrad-johnson. The electronic centerpiece was the incredible ART pre-amplifier. Using a DV-2b CD player and the formidable 275-watt per channel Premier Eight monoblock amplifiers, the sound quality in the Nova room was truly awesome. The Renditions were so popular that many attendees made return visits bringing other guests along. The display was "Standing Room Only" for hours each day, with the system running continuously. Whether playing music from Nova's own demo collection or from guest's personal CDs, every recording was effortlessly reproduced with unparalleled focus and transparency.

The system also used the new Cardas Neutral Reference interconnect cables and a pair of top-of-the-line Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables. Power line conditioners were Clean Lines Reference Series from Vans Evers and acoustical treatments were from Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC).

Hi-Fi 98 was a tremendously successful show for Nova. After counting the attendee ballots, Stereophile listed Nova among the "Best Sound at Hi-Fi 98" winners. In addition, several industry publications included us among their "Best of Show" honorees.

"…The sound was nothing short of extraordinary, with amazing midrange resolution, transparency and imaging."
Myles B. Astor, Ultimate Audio, Vol. 2 No.3

"Least discontinuity tonally from my orchestra rehearsal the night before"
Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound , Issue 114, October 1998

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